Find Your way of Success in Poker Now

Find Your way of Success in Poker Now

In general, if you were aggressive before the flop, you should also show strength on the flop. For example, there is talk of a subsequent betting.

Example 1

You have raised AK before the flop. You get one caller and the flop comes Q57. If your opponent checks, hit another shot poker girl, about 2/3 of the pot. If, on the other hand, you are the first player to move, even then you are betting on. It often happens that you don’t hit the flop, but so does your opponent. A follow-up bet wins the pot right away and if it doesn’t, it gives you direction on what your opponent could possibly have. In case of the QQ poker this is very true.

Example 2

You have raised 99 with your hand. The flop comes A95. You can bet again, about 2/3 of the pot. On the other hand, with such a good hit, you can think of another way to act, depending on your opponent.

  • In any case, by making a continuation bet you often win the pot without a flop, but you also get paid hands when you hit well and your opponent also has some kind of hand.
  • However, do not hit the punches all the time, sometimes it is good to slightly change your game so that your actions do not become too obvious.

After you pay your opponent’s raise

Of course, when paying a raise to see the flop, you would be in a better position than your opponent. Then you will first see what your opponent does after the flop and then you will not decide how you will act.

If you have flopped a good hand, it depends a lot on your opponent how you play from there. You can either slow down and earn with your hand, or bet if you think your opponent will be the payer.

Many times the flop goes over and there are no bets on the table. If your opponent is under pressure, you should also be able to fold your hands. Don’t put money in the pot if it looks like you’re losing. This is actually easier said than done.

More on Turn and River

Ready to play? Check out some of the best poker rooms, or read the following article on poker strategy that deals with pot odds for a beginner. Usually a beginner ends up at a poker table with 5-10 players. The more players at the table, the more emphasis is placed on playing good starting hands, not forgetting the position (where you play relative to the dealer button).

Of course, it would be nice to fight each pot to the end, and pre-flop hand cards 2 and 7, both of which are nice hearts, look attractive. They could even flop and take a big pot. Try to get rid of that kind of thinking.

So be patient and wait for good cards, they will come sooner or later. If you don’t have the patience you need, open more tables if possible, or read a poker book as you play.

Clare Louise