How to Choose an Online Bingo Casino

How to Choose an Online Bingo Casino

Bingo is a throwback to a simpler time for many of us.  It is a relatively simple game that many of us learn when we are very young.  While bingo is a throwback for many, it is also a timeless game that can provide hours of enjoyment.

With the introduction of the internet online casinos have grown in popularity.  If you love bingo but don’t necessarily want to head out to the bingo hall, online bingo casinos are a great way to play.  If you are new to online gaming, you may not know how to find the best online casino for you.  If you follow just a few simple tips, you can hone in on the right options.

Quantity or Quality?

First, decide how many bingo games you want access to.  Are you happy with just one or two bingo games that are simple and straight forward? Or, do you like the idea of having a huge selection of bingo games to choose from?  Do you like progressive jackpots? Live games? How much versatility you want in game play will help you narrow down your options. Some sites have just a few high-quality games and others have quality AND quantity.

Free or Pay to Play?

Are you looking for free bingo games?  Or do you want the chance to earn money for your winnings like you would at your local bingo hall?  If you want a little of each, you’ll find many online casinos have free bingo games and paid games where you can win real money.  Of course, you will find that paid games are more plentiful than free games, but the free games are available.


Another consideration is what bingo casinos are accessible from your country.  Many sites are only available to people from certain countries. Gambling laws  make access limited, so when looking at different casinos, be sure you consider only those that are available from where you live.

Banking Options

Next, if you’ll be playing paid games you will want to be sure that the site offers deposit and withdrawal options that are comfortable for you.  Most have a huge selection of banking options so there is sure to be something that you are familiar with. With this in mind, make sure that the casinos are secure so your personal information will be encrypted.

New Player Welcome Offer

If you are new to online casinos, you may not be aware that they usually have great offers for new players.  You can find some very high value offerings that will make one casino more appealing than the other. New player welcome offers may involve the casino matching your initial deposit, free games, and more.  While it need not be a deal breaker, new player welcome offers can be a tie breaker if you are torn between casinos.

Ongoing Promotions

Most online casinos also have ongoing promotions that can give you free money, free games and more.  It’s worth looking into the sites promotions before you choose one. If all things are equal between casinos and you find that one will give you free games or free money every week, why wouldn’t you choose that one?  Promotions are akin to brick and mortar casinos giving free drinks, free meals, show tickets and free rooms to their players. The casino wants to keep you there and keep you loyal, so great promotions really can be a selling point.

Read Reviews

The internet puts information at our fingertips, so don’t be afraid to go in search of what others are saying about bingo casinos.  Don’t be afraid to read reviews by other players and review sites to see what is being said about any bingo casino you are considering.  You will find that the will offer a ton of information about casinos that may just help you make up your mind and choose the right casino for your needs.  Reviews are nice, because at a glance, you can get a lot of detailed information that you may have not even thought to consider. You may also learn about upcoming promotions that will help you decide that one casino really is a better fit for you than another. 


Clare Louise