How To Play Poker At W88 

How To Play Poker At W88 

Let’s read the article on playing poker at website w88 to know how to play. Besides, there are some tips to help you win the bet more easily.

If you are new to Poker, the following guidance will give you quite a lot of information.

Step 1: Download the Poker app to your device

First of all, you must register an account on our website to participate in betting. You then need to download the “Poker application” to your computer or mobile phone to start playing Poker.

On the website homepage, click Poker. Select “DOWNLOAD”. 

Our website support for players playing Poker on both computers and mobile phones. If you play on the computer, click “DOWNLOAD PC” and if you are using an iPhone, click “DOWNLOAD iOS”. Or if you use an Android phone, then click “DOWNLOAD ANDROID”.

Step 2: Install the application

To install the application on your computer, follow these steps:

Open the downloaded software -> select the language to install (English) -> Click Install. Then wait for the application to start installing. 

After installing the application, you need to be logged in to play Poker. Click “LOGIN”.

Important: The account that is logged into the Poker game application is the W88 account you have registered. Remember to enter the correct username (user) and password (password).

Step 3: Place a bet on Poker

After logging in, select tab Hold’Em. For those new to poker, you should choose tables with low bets and in rooms with less than 6 people. With enough 6-person play rooms, you can’t join anymore.

Simple way of dealing Poker

At the beginning, each player will be dealt 2 cards. These 2 cards show the person dealt (and the player knows) and are face down. These are your own cards.

The next turn has 5 other cards dealt. These 5 cards are divided into 3 batches and every player knows these cards. Phase 1 is divided into 3 cards, phase 2 divided 1 card, phase 3 divided 1 card. Thus a total of 4 card dealing.

Poker rules at W88

In a game of Poker there will be 4 betting rounds corresponding to the number of dealing cards. For each betting round you have the option to Call, Raise, Check. After the first round of betting is completed, the first 3 community cards are opened. You compare your own 2 cards with 3 community cards on the table to see if Call, Raise or Fold … or not. After the 2nd betting round is completed, a fourth community card is opened, and finally the fifth community card is played. The player with the highest card is the winner. 

  • Fold: If you have bad cards and do not want to continue playing round.
  • Bet: When no one has bet yet and you are the first one to bet. If anyone wants to continue playing, they must bet the amount equal to the amount you bet.
  • All In: When you have bet all the money you have at the table.
  • Raise: When another player places a bet before you, you want to place a higher bet to pressure the opponent, your action is called Raise.
  • Call: When the previous competitors have placed a bet, now you only want to follow the bet, called Call, you only need to spend the bet of the first bet.
  • Check: When there was no Bet before, you can Check to not give money but still be able to continue the game.


According to the Poker guide at W88, the highest card is the Poker Hand, which consists of 5 cards. Here are the pairs from big to small in Poker.

Royal Flush

 A combination of your 2 cards, and a card on the table have the same suit. For example 10, J, Q, K, A do not distinguish suit.

Straight Flush

Including any 5 cards but have the same suit Diamond, or Heart, or Club or Spade. For example: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 of the same suit. If in the table, when two people have the same suit, the one with the bigger card wins.

Four of kind

There are 1 set of 4 same cards.

Full house

There are 1 set of 3 cards and 1 set of 2 cards. For example: K, K, K, 10, 10.


If your card and the cards on the table make 5 cards of the same suit, it is called Flush. For example: K, Q, 7, 4, 2 of the same suit.


A set of 5 consecutive cards, regardless of Diamond, Heart, Club, Spade.

Three of a kind

Consists of 3 same cards and 2 of any. For example K, K, K, Q, 10.

Two pair

If your cards and on-the-table cards make 2 pair, called Two Pair. For example: K, K, A, A, 10.

One pair

Includes 1 pair and any 3 cards, these 3 cards are called Kickers. For example K, K, A, J, 10.


Above is a simple tutorial on playing Poker on W88, hope this useful to you as a bettor on our website. Beside Poker, W88 also provides sports betting, online casino and live odds, for more information you can see at KEOCOPA.

Joanne Morris