Online poker is inherently a form of gambling from developed countries in Europe.

Initially, when this game was first introduced, the name “Poker” seemed to be only for the rich, those with money and favorable conditions, because the money to play a game was very large. Later, Poker became more popular, innovated to be more suitable for all classes and poker became more known, gradually it became a popular game among young people in online casinos and casinos in real life.


To be able to participate in betting at W88, you need to log in to the website. If you do not have an account, please quickly read the previous article, we have shared how to register a w88 account, you can base on that to register yourself an account. 

After successful login, go to online casino to select “poker” and then continue to select the “stud poker” section.

For many bettors who love poker, it is easy for them to play because poker is simple and basic. It is a game in which cards are shown partially (Texas Hold’em) or no cards are shown (Draw). Participants can Raise on Pot. And currently there are 3 main types of poker: Draw Poker, Stud Poker, and Community card Poker.

Therefore, the article below will show you how to play Stud Poker. In order to make it easier for everyone to follow, we will name Ace as A, King as K, Queen as Q, Jack as J. Ready?


To begin with, you have to click on the “Deal” button to start dealing.

The guest and each player will have 5 cards to play. Cards dealt to the player will be faced up, one card dealt to the dealer will also be faced up and the other will face down. No cards will be replaced or dealt during the round.

When showing a card, the bettors will be the one who decides to continue or stop playing.

If the bettor decides to stop (press the “Fold” button), the player loses the his or her bet and that round ends.

If the bettor decides to continue playing (press the “Call” button), they will have to proceed with doubling bet.

After that, dealer will show all the cards.

  • If the dealer does not include an A / K combination or greater, the dealer will not qualify. The player wins by 1: 1 with their first bet and both bets are refunded.
  • If the dealer includes a bigger combination, the player loses both their first bet and the current bet.
  • If the dealer has A / K or greater, but the player is much greater than that, the player will win the 1: 1 ratio with the original bet, and add the bonus for the current betting round based on table’s rate.
  • If players want to play another round, click “New Game”. Then make the bet as indicated, and press the “Deal” button or click “Rebet” to place a is bigger number than the previous round.

It is the fastest, simplest and easiest way for players to bet, you can continue the next round of the “Stud Poker” game on our website.

  • The goal of the Stud Poker game is how to use your five-card pokers to beat the five-card pokers hand of the guest.


Through the above article, I hope that people who love Stud Poker will find it easier and simpler to play. Do not forget to learn more experience and improve your knowledge to have more opportunities to win at W88

 Have fun playing and good luck to you. Sincerely goodbye and see you in the following articles.

James Cammarata