Ways to Prevent Online Gambling Fraud


Nowadays world has changed a lot. These days, people want to make a quick buck and they therefore get involved in frauds and scams on the internet. Right from stealing chips to bonuses and more, frauds take place even in the world of internet-based gambling dens. Since internet-based gambling clubs are easy to access, they attract scammers and fraudsters easily. However, there are ways to prevent it.

Know Your Customer

If you want to prevent fraudsters from cheating your money out of you, then you would need to follow the best Know Your Customer practices. It implies that you have to install a fraud detection software program that takes care of not only the money that belongs to your customers but also that which belongs to you. In fact, you should also add an identity card verification software program that has been issued by the federal government to the gaming sign-up page. It should also contain a way to verify the age of the gamers. Since in online slots real money is used, fraudsters may also target the gamers by hacking into their accounts in an attempt to steal it. 

Additional measures

Device fingerprinting is one of the best ways to prevent internet-based gambling frauds since it checks for collusive behaviors such as chip dumping and bonus abuse. Even if the scammers have multiple online accounts, they can still be caught since they would be using the same device to access these games. Digital footprint analysis is yet another way to detect fraud. Valid phone numbers and email addresses are connected to some social media accounts and other similar digital platforms so that they can carry out fraud. This is where digital footprint analysis steps in. 

Other forms of verification

IP fraud score analysis is done in order to detect the internet usage, capacity for internet-based frauds, and the location of the scammers using their IP addresses. This can also prevent many of the frauds that take place regularly, even in internet-based gambling clubs. Velocity and behavioral check the various actions of gamers at some points during the game and are used to find out how many users are logged in using the same IP address at the same time. Even the monitoring of credit and debit cards can prevent fraud from happening. Otherwise, you might end up losing all of your hard-earned money at the end of the day.  

Melissa Ramirez