Why online casinos in Malaysia have become a billion-dollar sector?

Why online casinos in Malaysia have become a billion-dollar sector?

Malaysia is a prominent country in the southeast part of Asia. The country hasstrict laws related to gambling. However online casino Malaysia is flourishing.A study conducted by Statistic concluded that the industry was worth more than$20.51 billion in 2009. It is expected that the worth of the industry increasesto $59.79 billion by 2020. Let the numbers speak for themselves.

Let’s try to briefly understand why the industry showsrapid growth. Let’s understand why Malaysians are attracted more to an onlinecasino than a land-based casino.

Understanding the reasons forthe popularity of online casinos in Malaysia

There are various reasons why people prefer online casinos whencompared to land-based casinos. Some of the reasons for the ever-increasing demandfor online casinos in Malaysia are common to online casinos elsewhere. But some reasonsare unique to the casinos in the country.

  1. Not everyone can go to an offline casino to play. Some of them are fearful of what opinions othersmight have. They consider gambling as their guilty pleasure anddon’t want anybody to know about it. Some others don’thave good casinos near them. Some others are introverted and don’t like beingaround strangers. These people benefit from an online casino. They play from their homes in pajamas without anyone knowing about it.
  1. Internet speed in the country has increased inrecent times. The average speed for a mobile connection has increased to23.8 megabits per second from 19.92 in 2019. Broadband speed in the country isranked 37th globally. The high internet speed has enabled more people to playin online casinos.
  1. People can save alot of time and hard-earned money if they play in online casinos. If they useland-based casinos, they have to spend time, energy, and money to travel to theplace. Online casinos do not require the person to travel anywhere saving themmoney and time.
  1. The country hasvery strict laws related to gambling. Online gambling has enabled Malaysians toplay confidently without being afraid of legal consequences.
  1. Online casino Malaysiahas enabled people to use credit cards and debit cards for gambling. People who are wary of carrying real cash to a casino make maximum use of this


  1. It’s not every day that people get offers from land-basedcasinos. But online casinos go to any extent to make sure gamblers stick withthem. They make a wide range of offers to attract new gamblers and to sustainold ones. Some of these offers include signup offers, welcome bonuses, reloadbonuses, etc.

These reasons don’t form an exhaustive list. There can bemore reasons why a person chooses an online casino over a land-based casino.


There are different reasons why Malaysians prefer to gambleonline. The industry is booming in current times. It made an all-time high revenue the previous yearand is still showing tremendous growth. Online casinos Malaysia is running very profitably attracting a large number of players.

Rosemarie Molina