3 Reasons that fuel the betting craze in Kenya

Recently, Kenya has earned a reputation for being one of the centers of the booming betting industry in the whole African continent, with many Kenyan households developing a lifestyle that is focused on the high-stakes world of betting.

Due to the opportunities presented, many people are being tempted to try to win Lady Luck’s favor and place their bets towards the countless casinos scattered all over the country.

But what makes the Kenyans invested into this lucrative fad? Here the three major reasons why:

The first reason lies with the common misconception that gambling can change their lives for the better. With an enticing chance to win lots of money by just using their combined wits and luck, Kenyans are lured into betting their way to fortune.

Coupled with the reports about several Kenyans becoming instant millionaires overnight, more and more people are actively engaging with this ever-growing industry.

Kenya is also encountering problems regarding unemployment, with a large number of its young population unable to find jobs due to combined inflation and job cut factors. This prompts the youth to make a living out of gambling instead. There’s also this mindset that it’s better to fail silently in betting than in public with a failed business.

Second, factors the overall status of the current Kenyan society. With the issue of unemployment especially with the young graduates, many of them turn towards makeshift casinos and small businesses to earn money, often seen trying their luck in front of slot machines.

Last but not least, all of these are not possible with the help of modern technology. Kenya has recently boosted its telecommunication industry, paving way for businesses that provide the Kenyans a way to use the internet as a means of maximizing it’s betting opportunities. With internet cafes rising all over the country, the money-spinning industry of sports betting has grown into exponential levels.

These are just three among the many reasons why gambling is now thriving in this growing African country,  but all-in-all, the combined societal problems that Kenya experiences along with the advent of technology allowed this kind of business to be a lot closer to their homes.

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