5 Myths about popular gambling game

5 Myths about popular gambling game

The myths are more of a superstition that is generally spread as a rumor and followed without any concrete fact.

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Myth 1: The Heater of playing a Streak

To win a gambling what you need to do is play when you are winning, play when you are on a heater. When you are on a winning streak you have to press those bets. You have to bet more, so you can make up for the times when you are losing. If you had a crystal ball the problem is that in gambling every event is an independent event so every roll of the roulette wheel, every throw of the dice, every hand of blackjack is an independent event and you cannot predict independent events if you won a hand, the hand that you just won has zero impact on whether you are going to win or lose the next hand.

Myth 2: Betting more when you are “DUE”

The first question is what makes you think you are due? If you flipped a coin five times and it was heads five times in a row what are the chances of the next flip is going to be tails. It’s the same every time you flip a coin. It never changes it’s the same with the blackjack you could conceivably lose a hundred hands in a row or win a hundred hands in a row but the thing you are referring to when you say or do is you are looking at this big picture of how many hands you are expected to win over time but that is a separate thing from an independent one hand situation so you are going to fail if you are raising your bets because you feel you are owed by the universe.

Myth 3: Gambling isn’t addictive

The gambling is designed to be addictive and it stimulates the brain’s reward system much like drugs or alcohol can. So saying “gambling isn’t addictive” is just a myth.

Myth 4: Max betting increases your chances of winning

Some people in the world of gambling think that max betting increases your chances of winning. But actually it doesn’t. Yes max bet usually wins or hits us bigger wins when we happen to hit bonuses if you are lucky enough to do that. Your odds are the same as if you were minimum betting or mid betting or whatever we like to bet but the bottom line max betting doesn’t increase your chances of winning at all.

Myth 5: Stopping the reels changes the outcome of the spin

Lot of people tend to think that stopping the reels changes the outcome of the spin or makes a difference when it doesn’t see. The thing is all slot machines have this little computer thing inside called a random number generator which means as soon as you press the spin button the outcome of the spin has already been determined the only thing is either you let the spin play out or you stopped the reels for a quicker result and this all goes back. We don’t have any control on how the machines go or how the machine pays out no control at all. So the bottom line is that stopping the reels has no effect on the outcome at all.

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