All About Horse Racing in Singapore

All About Horse Racing in Singapore

Singapore is hardly the first country that springs to mind when one thinks about horse racing. Some may be shocked to learn that Singapore held its inaugural horse race at the Singapore Sporting Club in 1842. Horse racing in Singapore has grown and thrived since that time.

Horse racing betting is one of the few legal gambling activities in Singapore. You may watch live horse racing and put bets on horses to win, place, or show. There are a limited amount of exotic bets available as well.

The original club is now known as the Singapore Turf Club. Every year, it hosts several high-stakes races and daily race cards. Millions of dollars in purse money are now granted to racing owners, trainers, and riders.

The Singapore Turf Club has also built a cutting-edge horse racing facility. The Kranji Racecourse in Singapore opened in 1999. In addition to the horse racing schedule, it encompasses a large region and offers other events.

The race track hosts horse racing all year. The majority of the competitions are only open to horses who have been trained locally. This is unlike most other horse racing jurisdictions across the world. It contributes to the continuous growth of the horse racing business by encouraging local horsemen.

The government has no breeding programme to speak of. However, horses are imported from several countries, including the United States, England, France, and Ireland.

Horse Racing Types in Singapore

Horse racing in Singapore is mostly held on grass racing tracks. For many years, this has been the custom. Unfortunately, this can create a more difficult handicapping situation for bettors. Grass races, also known as turf races in the United States and other countries, feature a different dynamic than dirt races.

Throughout the year, a considerable number of stakes races are held in Singapore, such as:

  • The Kranji Mile 
  • The Singapore Gold Cup 
  • The Singapore Derby 
  • The Lion City Cup

Each of these races has a big prize fund for the winner. Two of the races have a $1 million USD prize.

Singapore Horse Racing Betting, Live and Online

For many years, unlicensed bookies and other dubious institutions dominated gambling in Singapore. However, it is now possible to place live horse racing bets at the Singapore racetrack through a trustworthy Singapore betting agent.

Only certain bets are available. The categories are Win, Place, Forecast, Place Forecast, Tierce, Trio, and Quartet. Some of these bets would be unknown to a Western horse bettor. Bets are also conducted under the supervision of Singapore Pools and are only accessible on the racetrack and in the nation.

This has made it difficult for online horse racing websites to accept wagers from Singapore. However, this might be about to change. Singapore appears to recognise the importance of providing online horse racing betting to people worldwide.

Paul Petersen