Beating 4D Lottery: Tips to Increase Chances of Winning 

Beating 4D Lottery: Tips to Increase Chances of Winning 

Singaporeans and Malaysians share the same passion and love for gambling. If not casino games, they are betting on their favourite sports like football and horse racing.

Risking money is absurd for some, yet that is part of the game for people who already reaped the rewards. Such is the reason why many are in love with gambling.

Yet, blackjack or football betting is not the only form of gambling entertainment. There is also a lottery. Players pick the lucky number they believe will get drawn in the official draw. If that happens, they will go home with a big smile on their faces. 4-Digits (4D) is one of its most popular types in Singapore and Malaysia.

4D Lottery: The Basics

This game is only available to those at least 18 years of age. There are 4D draws every Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday. Eligible players can place one bet per week but gamble twice for each draw. The last call for placing bets is during the lottery date at 6 pm.

The 4D lottery gives players the freedom to choose four-digit combinations between 0000 and 9999. In each draw, there will be 23 winners of varying prizes as listed below:

  • 1st Prize (one winner)
  • 2nd Prize (one winner)
  • 3rd Prize (one winner)
  • Starter Prizes (10 winners)
  • Consolation Prizes (10 winners)

Given that the 4D online bet is a fixed-odds, winning seems daunting. Relying on luck is not enough. Hence, players should come up with strategies.

Tip 1: Odd and Even Number Combinations

Eighty percent of the drawn numbers are mixed in nature, on average. So, players like you might want to combine odd and even digits, as there are only a few instances of all-even or all-odd results.

Tip 2: Placing Bets on Random Numbers

Yes! You have significant winning chances on some 4D lottery dates, especially birthdays and anniversaries. Yet, you will split the price with others. Such occurs as most punters will choose the exact number—for instance, either of the two: 1 to 1 or 7 to 12.

Given such circumstances, take your chances in random numbers. In this way, you can still win and have lesser odds of sharing the Prize with several people.

Tip 3: Numerical Trends Matter

The last seven draws are pivotal in determining the following possible outcomes. Do not go for a number that did not show even once in the previous draws. Its absence might mean fewer chances of appearing in the subsequent draw lots. 

Players should look closely at the numerical trends. Watching them and analysing each is crucial to predict the correct four-digit guesses.

Tip 4: Clues in Previous Winning Numbers 

Look at the previous results for clues. Professional bettors never underestimate the value of considering repeating patterns. They know that history could repeat itself. So, most prepare for such a probable outcome.



Winning in gambling comes with losing, even in the lottery. Yet, such should not demotivate you easily. Wanting that first Prize takes more than luck. Buy TOTO online based on formulated game plans, not gut feelings. In this way, you can learn to strategise and increase your chances of bagging home the top Prize. 


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Joanne Morris