Since the emergence of Corona virus (COVID-19), nations have taken strict measures, including quarantine, to curb the spread of the deadly virus. Other people have taken it upon themselves to practice self-quarantine to keep themselves and their families safe.

Initially, staying at home is fun. You get lots of sleep and rest. However, as days go by, you start feeling bored. Boredom is mentally draining. As such, you need to put some creativity and thought into your day.

Contrary to popular belief, the number of things to do at home during this crisis is inexhaustible.

In this article, we are going to look at a number of fun things to do in the comfort of your home during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis.

Let’s delve into specifics.


  • Play online games


With the technological advancements in the gaming industry, people can now access online games on their computers and smartphones. What’s more, there are so many options to choose from.

Kids will enjoy games like bubble fun, temple run, and candy crush. 

Adults, on the other hand, need more challenging games to keep them engaged and entertained. If you are a fan of the casino, online casino Malaysia will give you the same experience, if not better, as the offline casino.

Board and card games are also an excellent way to keep you occupied. Sites like dafabet are a haven for football fans. 

In short, the options in online gaming are endless.


  • Have an indoor karaoke night


Another awesome idea for the whole family is to host an indoor karaoke night. Whether one of your family members manages to pull a ‘Mariah Carey’ or the tunes sound like that from a group of minions, the night will surely be filled with lots of laughter and fun.

Furthermore, who doesn’t love a little singing and dancing?


  • Read a book


While some people are bubbly and enjoy the company of other people, others like to be alone. For introverts, a little peace and quiet is soothing, especially if you are on quarantine with four of your siblings who are all extroverts.

In such a case, taking the time to read a book from your favorite author is bound to keep you entertained.

If the whole family is a bunch of bookworms, pick a book that is likely to interest everyone. Then, you can create your own family book club where you have an evening each week where the story is read aloud to all family members. 


  • Family photoshoot


The idea here is to dress up, gather some props and have a day of taking family photos. 

Photography is a chance to bring out creativity in family members. Take goofy, funny, serious, and candid photos. The joy of photography is that pictures that don’t work can be deleted in an instant.