Everything You Need To Know About IR Contact Lenses

Everything You Need To Know About IR Contact Lenses

When playing poker with friends, it is nice to know in advance that you have greater chances of winning. Simply because winning at poker is not that easy. Poker is a card game that requires both luck and skills. You need to have a strategy and learn how to play the cards right to win. But if you and your friends are only playing for fun, you can surely make it more challenging by using marked poker cards.

What Is an IR or UV Contact Lens?

For you to see the invisible marks usually on the back of the playing cards, you need a UV or IR contact lenses for marked cards. You have to remember that the marks are invisible to the naked eyes. That is why you must use a high-quality IR contact lens to see the cards. Using the lenses can help you read the invisible ink on marked cards to cheat at Omaha, Blackjack, Low ball, Baccarat, and more. There are now plenty of cheating devices that you can buy online, and these specialized contact lenses are becoming one of the top sellers.

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IR Contact Lens – Who Is It For?

The IR contact lenses are not only used for magic shows. They are also used by many poker players, whether playing for fun or real money. These lenses are perfect if you are only using a deck of marked poker cards. Just remember that the regular ones do not change the color of your eyes. But some variations will look like the lenses for aesthetic purposes.

Caring for IR Contact Lens

So how do you use the IR contact lens for the marked poker cards? It is crucial that, first of all, the contact lenses are clean before you use them. Like other contact lenses, the IR versions can be an irritant to your eyes. But instead of soaking it in contact lens solution for 24 hours, it is best to use purified water instead. Keeping the contact lenses too long in the care solution might break them. Remember that these are not your standard contact lenses, and they are not designed like the real ones.

IR Contact Lens – Is It For You?

Now that you know what the IR contact lenses are for, you may start wondering if they are worth your money. Well, if you want to up the game and ensure you win, then this is a must-have. If you’re going to win at a poker game using a marked deck of cards, the IR contact lenses is a must-have. They are safer than the perspective glasses and are also proven to be more effective in seeing marked cards.

So what are you waiting for? If you know that this is what you need right now, then go ahead and find the right infrared contact lenses for you. There are plenty to choose from online, but make sure that you select one from a reputable seller.

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