Experiencing the Number One Pennsylvania Poker Video Game Casino

Experiencing the Number One Pennsylvania Poker Video Game Casino

Ever since Parx launched its Casino live on a mobile application its has garnered itself the name for being the one casino in Pennsylvania Poker. If you are a poker enthusiast you have probably explored the many options available at Parx’s brick and mortar casino. Video poker is a very simple game you can play that has an online version of poker which is way more simple than anyone would imagine.

Parx casino members compare their video poker option to the likes of virtual casinos and slots.

The overall experience can be quite compelling and bring about new cultures when it comes to gambling. It can be seen as a truly innovative experience that creates value for all parties involved within the entire ecosystem.

The Market Overview

Currently the casinos that are offering online games and a betting platform include SugarHouse Casino, Parx, and Hollywood.

Hollywood casino was the first to launch on 15th of July in partnership with their software provider IGT. Parx soon followed with GAN. The collective numbers in terms of revenue were recently released by the Gaming Board of Pennsylvania. Collectively they had made $3.4 million in the first full month of operating in August.

Parx and SugarHouse made the cut of over a million, and the numbers also noted that Parx was the only one that had people preferring both table games and slots and not one over the other to get their fill of Pennsylvania Poker, making Parx the only one to provide a consistent standard.

Parx’s Online Presence

Parx has partnered with the company GAN which is a leader in the software industry for gaming and has plenty of expertise and experience dealing with the US market.

The online casino can be accessed through the app Parx launched which can be logged on to anywhere in Pennsylvania. Users can also play games on their website on their desktop devices.

The only damper is the fact that the app may not be available to people with an iPhone, due to Apple’s recent change in policy.

Parx has grown significantly, the online casino floor has a total of 3500 slot machines and a 130 live table games.

Why Video Poker is Better

There are many different types of the game which you can take advantage of with video poker. This is really where you come to play for real money. Parx casino has dominated Pennsylvania Poker with free video casino games which give you a good chance to not just practice your poker skills but also be able to get ahead in the levels without risking your money.

The online poker you play for real money offers you a chance to make extra money by winning a couple of hands. The Parx payscale is a great bonus in itself.

How to Play Pennsylvania Poker with Parx Video Poker

Your play begins when you place your bet and then push the draw button. With the table you have a chance to see which set of cards has the most return. You as the player can switch cards to get a better hand unless the game algorithm decides whether the hand will win.

Clare Louise