Finer Bets as Per the Choices for You in Multi Bets

Finer Bets as Per the Choices for You in Multi Bets

Even in large bets, you can win large sums with good luck. The most important thing is to find the unnoticed odds in others. “Monari” is the king of betting. Multi-bet means a result bet on more than one match. Usually 2-3 matches are bet on multiple bets. If there are 4-6 matches to bet on.

Multi-bet payout categories

Multi-bet winning categories go according to how many matches are bet. A normal multi-bet has one winning category, meaning you must hit the final score of each match correctly. SuperMo bet, where there are more matches with a coupon, has two winning categories. In SuperMo Bet, it is enough if one of the matches goes wrong and you still get a win according to the other winning category.

The biggest multi-bet wins

In multi-bet, finding w88club odds is easier for a beginner than in other forms of betting. Avoid playing so-called easy results and bet on surprises. These results also show the biggest wins and odds on multi-bets.

The biggest multi-bet win was won in 2007 in Siuntio. The correct results in the multi-draw of three hockey matches at that time were Lukko-Ässät 5-1, KalPa-JYP 1-8 and Salamat-K-Vantaa 2-5. The odds were a staggering 3,208,430.7.

An additional € 174,519 was added to this largest multi-bet Prize pool. These additional cash rounds are worth following, as they substantially increase the profitability of multi-bets.

Multi-bet bonuses

Unfortunately, multi-bets cannot be played with a decent exchange outside of Sports betting. Svenska Spel also has its own multi-bet version, but it is not possible to get a betting bonus on either of these companies.

Super Score is a multi-bet offered by foreign betting companies. You can play Super Score multi-bet, for example, where you also get a betting bonus .

Multiplier odds

Because more than one match is bet on in a multi-bet, the odds on the multi- bet become really high. With a small bet of 0.1-0.2 € and playing around a selection of systems, you can win thousands of euros.

The largest multi tensile modulus of all time was achieved in 2013 and it was a whopping 6,000,000. It was at that time a four-item ice-hockey multi drive and the correct line was as follows:

  • The lock-SaiPa 0 -4
  • Jokers HPK 2-2
  • Flies JYP-0 -0
  • Tappara-Pelicans 4-3 In

Multiple bets, the odds for different results are calculated as follows:

With a return percentage of 70%, a game turnover of € 310,000 and a stake of € 100 for the result combination, the odds are then 0.70 * 310000/100 = 2170.

Return percentage

The return percentage for a multi-bet is 70. In a multi-bet multi-bet, the upper payout will receive 50% and the lower 20% of the turnover.


James Cammarata