How to Choose the Right Instant Play Casinos Online

How to Choose the Right Instant Play Casinos Online

IGaming is an evolving world. Here, changes are rampant and instantaneous. Take, for instance   instant play casinos. They were unheard of until recently. But now, these are gaining ground due to the ease and time savings they usher in. However, your experience depends on the instant play casino you choose to play at.

But how to choose the right instant play casino? Well, that’s what we are discussing here.

Inquire about licensing:

The virtual world has its share of fly-by-the-night instant play casinos. Their games are faulty and rigged to rob you blind.  Worst still, they might run away with their deposits and winnings. As it’s hard to track their whereabouts, getting your money back is virtually impossible.

Thankfully, such operators are far and few between. Mostly, the operators are licensed by reputable gaming jurisdictions, such as Gibraltar, the Isle of Man, Costa Rica, Malta, Kahnawake and more. Licenses guarantee fair gameplay, secure transactions and better Return to Player (RTP) rates.

It’s in your best interest to research their websites for licensing and registration-related info. If the information is not available or unclearly presented, consider it as a warning sign.

Check the software:

Software and iGaming experience are directly linked. Better software means more site-safety, fair games and hassle-free playing experience. That calls for investigating the instant play casino’s software. It’s easy, even if you are not a tech expert. Just look for the developer.

Microgamming, NetEnt, Playtech and other top tier developers offer top-notch software. Typically, their Instant Play Casino games feature on-site security protocols, including SSL encryption and firewalls. That guarantees the highest level of security and complete peace of mind. Another aspect to be probed is the Random Number Generator (RNG) software. Ideally, the RNG should be certified and audited by a third-party certification authority.

Explore Bonuses:

Many online casinos invite you to their instant play casino games with bonuses. A bonus can be cashable, sticky or clear play, subject to the terms and conditions of the casino. You can cash the cashable bonuses if wagering requirements are met. Sticky bonuses are not cashable but enable you to play for free. Clear play bonuses are redeemable without meeting wagering requirements.

When evaluating an instant play casino, factoring in the bonuses should be a priority. After all, freebies never hurt. It’s advisable to go through the requirements attached to the bonuses, upfront. At times, bonuses are lucrative but wagering requirements are too strict.  Consider the casino’s clearance rates to know how good the reward programs are.

Know the playing options:

When considering an instant play casino based on gaming options, to each their own approach is preferable. If you are hooked to a particular game, say slots, then opt for a specialized instant play casino. Unlike the generic casinos, specialized ones feature all variations of your favourite game. That means you have more options to play and win a game you know inside out. Conversely, if you wish to experiment, look for a full-service instant play casino.

Any full-service casino features all regular casino fares, such as poker, slots, roulette and blackjack and more. So, you can find a game suiting your skills, bankroll and the bottom line. Plus, online casinos roll out new instant play casino games to support changing preferences. It’s easy to know your options, thanks to the list of options published by instant play titles.

Look for Withdrawal system:

The trustworthiness of instant play casinos is largely determined by their banking and withdrawal systems. Typically, all licensed virtual casinos operate with reliable payment gateways for easy, quick and transparent transactions. However, their withdrawal systems are not always as responsive. Some might deliberately delay withdrawals to frustrate you into playing with your winnings. So, precaution is always advised to avoid such unpleasant surprises.

Determine whether the instant play casino ensures payouts in your area. That’s crucial, as many operators have restrictive payment services in place. Plus, ascertain the exact time lag between winnings and payouts. Ideally, they should reflect in your account within a couple of days.

It is a wise decision to remember that gambling is a part of the hospitality industry. It implies you can expect the same level of customer service offered by hotels and other vectors of the hospitality sector.

The instant-play online casino should have a customer service in place and provide help at any time. All operators claim to have responsive and friendly customer support. But you need to do the checks yourself or trust a review site where real players are sharing their experiences. Call the customer support, preferably at unsocial hours to know how they respond to your questions and queries.

To sum up, your research coupled with inputs from authentic reviews will go a long way in ensuring that you are playing to win on safe sites.

Melissa Ramirez