New And Future Technologies For Casinos

New And Future Technologies For Casinos

Casinos are more and more numerous and the cities devote themselves totally to this activity following the model of Vegas, but also that of Macao. Europe is rather spared by this phenomenon, even if Monaco acts as a gambling hall for millionaires and billionaires of globalization. This competition is on “the ever bigger and the higher”. Even the anachronistic spectacle of the water fountains in Vegas, which is a crime against the environment, is no longer enough and we imagine that it will disappear once the Rio Grande is emptied. Today, the nerve of war for casinos is technology. For hard casinos, or online casinos like Pokerqq, which sometimes have the same owners, it is no longer about players but technologies.

Casino Apps And User Experience

You are tracked and sometimes against your will. You’re in Vegas, it’s 9:30 or 10:00 pm and as you walk past the restaurant of a casino, you feel your smartphone vibrate against your thigh. A coupon and a reservation have just fallen on your phone and just a click to validate it and enjoy the promotion. For casinos, we are far, far from a simple gadget. This is called the “consumer experience”. Technology makes it possible to optimize it and thus keep the customer “captive”. The casinos do it, but more surprisingly, it’s the same thing in the stadiums. The problem is of course that some consumers have a strange tendency to ask themselves questions.

How does the restaurant of the casino know my number and know more than I pass in front of him? Simple. Just install the casino app or a bad setting and you will enjoy if you like, the improvement of your consumer experience. The GPS can follow you and the little gadgets, that will offer you casinos around the world, are simply high-tech marketing tools. That said, it is certain that some people like this kind of gadget and be assisted in their choices. What is the relationship with the game? If you go to eat at the casino restaurant, you remain a casino customer, you can even pay with your chips. These tools made to simplify your life also allow you to optimize your services. you stay a casino customer; you can even pay with your chips.

Joanne Morris