Read here to develop a rhythm of winning with these tips & strategies

Read here to develop a rhythm of winning with these tips & strategies

GetMega, is a lucrative application that provides various games to earn money based on the user’s skills and knowledge. This application consists of a cluster of virtual games classified into 3 categories: Cards, Casual, and trivia. Full house poker is one of the major traction of the Getmega app. 

  • Cards – Cards include games such as Rummy and Poker (Hold ’em Poker).
  • Casuals – Casuals include games such as Carrom, GoPool, Warship, ABC Rummy, Dots & Dash, and Fruit Kaat
  • Trivia – Trivia includes games such as GK, 123 (Math Quiz), and Pic me (Memory game)

These Full house poker games are certified and built in a secured environment. GetMega gives utmost importance to the user’s trust, money, and security. Full house poker is a safe game that includes money investing, quickness, skills, and money-making or winning. Users must invest money based on their ease, play the game, and make money.

Let’s look into some of the tricks required for winning the Full house poker games.

Global rule: Always invest amounts based on your limitations. You must be very quick while playing the game and enhance your gaming skills to win the game.



  • You must learn different types of rummy supported in GetMega; 

  1. 5 card rummy
  2. 5000 rummy
  3. Arizona Rummy
  4. Push rummy
  5. Knock rummy
  6. Polish rummy
  7. Rummy rejoin
  8. Qwirkle rummy
  9. Whist rummy
  10. Sticks rummy
  11. Rummy 51
  12. Farmer’s rummy
  13. Egyptian rummy
  14. Italian rummy OR Gin Rummy
  15. Michigan rummy, Persian rummy OR 500 Rummy
  16. Spanish rummy
  17. Animal rummy
  18. 10 card rummy
  19. Indian Rummy
  20. Canasta
  21. London Rummy or Kalooki Rummy
  22. Mahjong Rummy/ Chinese Rummy, Liverpool Rummy / Continental Rummy / Shanghai Rummy/ Combination
  23. Rummy/ Contract Rummy / California Rummy, Dummy Rummy
  24. Crazy Rummy
  25. 3 Card Rummy or Vegas Three Card Rummy
  26. Hollywood Rummy

Get through the rules of each rummy game thoroughly. Don’t wait for a card for more than one round. Keep updating your sequence to finish the game sooner.



Target the coins that are easily achievable. Target as many coins as possible during your strike. More coins, more chances of winning. Always try to target your opponent’s coins while playing, so that you can place the coins in such a position that the opponent finds it difficult to strike.


Make sure to not commit any fouls and never hit the Blackball without hitting all your balls. If you do so, you will lose the game immediately. Hit as many balls as possible of yours during your strike.


  • Enhance your strategies to destroy your opponent.
  1. Dots and Dash
  • Make sure to not give boxes to your opponents.
  • Always try to target the longest chains to win.



Enhance your general knowledge. Work on your spontaneity. Read newspapers, books on history, Wikipedia, and journals and answer each question within the timeline. Less time, more money.

Be active in social media to know more about the current trend. Have your foot on all the genres such as politics, films, arts, software, and so on.


Enhance your mental maths and Master BODMAS, Algorithms and Theorems. Learn about Mathematical concepts and practise a wide variety of sums or problems. Take up mathematical tests available online and time them.

Pick me

Develop keen observation skills and Work on your memory and speed limit.

If you are looking to have fun through your skills and knowledge and earn real-time money, then start playing Full house poker on GetMega right away. This is the perfect platform to showcase your talent and capabilities and also allow you to earn real money by playing fantasy leagues too. 

Rosemarie Molina