Reasons to Avoid Using Real Money When Starting Gambling 

Reasons to Avoid Using Real Money When Starting Gambling 


Avoiding the use of real money when starting gambling is one of the most used standard advice for beginners. No matter how often you get this advice, you can never understate its importance. Here are some of the reasons not to use real money when still new in gambling.

Allows you Time to Train

Before you start gaming on any site, you must train well. Training will enable you to learn the rules and tactics. The more you learn the game, the higher your chances of coming up with tricks and other hacks. Learning is quite hard when you are using real money.

When new, you are prone to making mistakes. During training, all the errors are all about learning. For real money, on the other hand, every mistake is you losing money. You might end up losing all your money without enjoying the game or even learning anything.

Allows you to Enjoy Bonuses 

Bonuses and other rewards are some of the reasons for the increasing uptake of online gaming. Sign up offers allows you the money to play even without having to deposit your own. Take advantage of the free money in online casino Malaysia for learning. In some cases, you might end up not using your money at all. 

Before you register into any online gaming site, consider the bonuses they offer. Also, look into the terms and conditions of the rewards. Look for a place that allows you to cash out your winnings accrued from the bonuses.  


Imagine a case where you sign up for online gaming and top up real money. Once you ready for the game, you realize you don’t understand a single concept. No matter how much you train, you end up clueless. You end up not playing at all. In such a case, you lose your money. That is different from the play-money where you don’t lose money even if you abandon the game or the site.

Using the play money in bodog is more like a soft landing to the site. You get to gauge the suitability of the game to your abilities freely. You also don’t have to participate in a game you don’t enjoy.

The other risk of online gaming is the possibility of fraudulent sites. Using the play money allows you the window to gauge the legibility of the site before committing your money. 


One of the reasons why most people don’t sign up for money gaming sites is the fear of losing money. Using play money is the safest way to test the depths of the game before you get involved. Take time to train and learn all the essential rules and tricks for the game. 

James Cammarata