The best Details for the perfect Sports Teams and Betting Options

The best Details for the perfect Sports Teams and Betting Options


So we took Liverpool x Crystal Palace to illustrate a few things. The teams will face off against EPL round 34 on Sunday. Taking the calculator, these teams produced a total of 113 goals in 33 EPL rounds, an average of 3.4 goals per match. And 61% of these goals were scored by the home team, 39% by the visitor. This means the home team is expected to produce 2,074 goals while the visitors have 1,326 goals.

From this it is quite easy to find that the home team’s probability of scoring at least one goal is 91%, and the visiting team’s probability of scoring at least one goal is 45%. So, the chance of “tamper beacon / clean sheet” to happen to the home team is 55% and the visitor only 9%. In case of the 안전놀이 site this is important.

These are the percentage your ODDS (not statistics) represent

Based on the numbers we saw from the actual percentage of each team scoring and not suffering – not the odds percentage – there is value in the odd bet simply that Crystal Palace will not keep the goal inviolate.

Of course, it’s not always just statistics that you’ll make a bet. It is necessary to go deeper and know the chance that a team that produced 1,326 goals on average (Crystal Palace) has to score against one that conceded 40 goals, 24 of them in 17 games (Liverpool).

You should also look at the embezzlement on both sides as well as how the game is viewed by each team. And for that, we wrote How to make an analysis to bet on Football , read.

This article is yet to be completed, it is not over yet . we will do further analysis to dig deeper into this theme, and so we save the print screen of the numbers that both have before Sunday’s game. And we will also save which team came on the field to better illustrate what we mean.

If you do not understand this part in square brackets, it is because we had released this post before completing it. And today, 25/05, the conclusion. Our idea was to finish this before the match between Liverpool vs Crystal Palace, but it was not possible. The game took place a month ago and ended:

Analyze the squad

Knowing the tactical scheme used by the coach and also which players will be called is essential to get well betting on inviolate goal. Let’s look at both teams, with Liverpool on the left:

Although unsure of the likely eleven of each team, it was kind of obvious to those in the Premier League that Liverpool at home would put pressure on the whole match and that Crystal Palace would go to the pitch and then counterattack, or attacking from above.

Clare Louise