The Different Variations Of Playthrough Gambling

The Different Variations Of Playthrough Gambling

At this point it is useful to give another example, in this case of a casino with a deposit bonus. Let’s say the casino we join gives a 100% bonus up to € 150 deposit. We then deposit the maximum, € 150, plus € 150 bonus: in all we have € 300 deposited. In these cases the playthrough is usually calculated on the basis of the initial deposit + bonus. And if the playthrough is equal to 30x, it’s easy to do the calculation:

  • € 300 x 30 = € 9000

In short, to enjoy a € 150 bonus you need to play at least € 9,000. This is obviously all legal and benefits players who bet large amounts. Also keep in mind that there may be variations. Go for the lpe88 download and experience the best solutions

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Not all online casino games are created equal. There are some that can be considered strategy, like blackjack or online roulette, while others are just luck, like video poker and online slot machines. Therefore, in games such as online slots, every euro played is counted entirely for the calculation of the playthrough, while in the case of games of greater strategy, which bring less money to the bank, only a percentage of each euro is calculated, which could be 40%. For example, € 100 played at baccarat will only bring you € 40 for the playthrough calculation. If we take the previous example where the playthrough was € 9,000:

  • If you only play slot machines, then you have to bet a total of € 9,000
  • If you only play baccarat, then you have to bet a total of € 22,500

So, as we said at the beginning of this article, before accepting a bonus you must read the warnings carefully, as the playthrough can impose game limits before you can withdraw your winnings.

If you know the classic online video poker you will not have difficulty playing All American: its rules are in fact the same as Jacks or Better, but what changes are only the payments, which are the most suitable for the “pragmatic” player. There are in fact different types of video poker players: there are those who always aim for the royal flush: therefore they just love the risk, but they probably don’t like to win, since the odds of a royal flush are extremely remote.

Who Is The All American Videopoker For?

Then there are the “ant” players, who in order to win are satisfied with the lowest hands: pair, two pair, three of a kind. The pragmatic player, on the other hand, usually aims for medium difficulty wins, let’s say those ranging from straight to straight flush: these are the average winnings that are most paid in All American video poker, while the extremes (pair, two pair and royal flush) they receive lower payouts than jacks or better. In short, the pragmatic and strategic player finds his ideal game in All American! In fact, let’s see what the payment differences are in the following table, based on the bet of a single coin.


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