The Smartest Choices in Blackjack for You Now

The Smartest Choices in Blackjack for You Now

How to place the chips correctly: Playing blackjack online is much easier than if you did it in a physical casino. The digital chips are placed on the betting table automatically when it’s time to bet, and the betting areas on the table are colored when you hover over them. If you’re not sure how these things work, you can start by playing Lucky Streak Live Blackjack first, a game mode that will show you exactly what and how to proceed when you place bets.

When the turn begins

Once everyone has bet, the güvenilir blackjack siteleri dealer begins to deal cards starting with the player to his left. Each player receives a face-up card, as does the dealer. Then, a second card is dealt to the players, also face up, while the dealer receives a card face down. Players must decide what to do, whether to keep the cards in hand or whether to request more cards. Once everyone has made the final decision, the dealer reveals the book he has held face down until then.

When the game round ends

The results of each hand of the game are made public in real time. You have defeated the dealer if the total points of your hand do not exceed 21 and is higher than the dealer’s. Bets made and won are paid instantly by the dealer to the winners. All bets and lost chips are immediately withdrawn into the house.

When the betting time starts again: Once a hand ends, the dealer cleans the table and removes the cards from right to left, then places them in the area of ​​used cards. The betting time is reset and therefore starts from scratch.

Shuffling Cards

The game continues until the dealer deals the last card, also called the cut card. After the last card in the pack or series of packs used is dealt to the players, the dealer shuffles all the cards on the table. Often, two card-sharing machines are used at the tables, also called dealing shoes, so the dealer can simply replace one of the machines where there are no more books with another where there are books ready to be dealt. players. Thus, the game is almost never interrupted.


There are unwritten rules for when you play live blackjack. Each time, remember that it is important to be polite with the dealer and the rest of the players at the table. Also, do not occupy a table chair in vain until you are 100% convinced that you are ready to play.

Errors: If any errors occur during the game, the round is immediately paused and the tour manager is notified of their occurrence. In the meantime, a message will notify you about this, remaining on your screen until the situation is clarified. If the error can be easily resolved, the round will continue normally. Otherwise, the round will be closed and all bets will be recovered by the players.

Paul Petersen