What are the most popular bets in online football betting?

What are the most popular bets in online football betting?

The online sports betting world offers an endless variety of wagers on football games. But, among this vast menu, a select few bet types make up the bulk of handle and action for each NFL and college matchup. The humble point spread remains the king when it comes to betting volume. Books aim to craft spreads that attract balanced action on both sides of a game. The bet is whether Team A will cover a posted margin of victory over Team B.  A spread of Dolphins -6.5 vs. Bills means Miami must win by 7 or more to cover. Point spreads enable action on mismatches and close contests by evening the odds. Football would be far less exciting for fans and bettors without spreads to rely on.


For bettors who just want to pick a game’s outright winner, money lines are simpler than sweating the cover. Favorites have the lowest odds (e.g. -200) while underdogs receive positive odds (e.g. +180). Books adjust moneyline odds to attract wagering on both teams. Public bettors love backing favorites “straight up”, especially in parlays. These bets on big upsets can provide massive payouts.

Game totals

By establishing game totals, also known as “over/under” bets, oddsmakers predict the combined score of both teams. A total of 45 means bettors choose if they think the total points scored by both teams will exceed or fall under 45. Totals appeal to bettors who prefer playing on high or low-scoring affairs regardless of the outright winner. Books aim for 50/50 action on both bets to mitigate risk.

Prop bets

Props take football betting to the micro-level by focusing on player or game events rather than the final score. These include bets like passing yards, rushing TDs, and receiver props. Books create hundreds of prop lines for every NFL and NCAA game to attract specific action. Their niche nature means prop odds can be softer than main markets. Smart bettors analyze props closely for off numbers compared to historical stats and trends. Props keep games entertaining even when the score gets lopsided.

Live betting

In-game or live betting allows real-time wagers while games play out. Adjusted point spreads, totals and prop odds reflect evolving game situations. Live betting now accounts for over 50% of the total online handle. No need to just be a bystander as the game shifts you react instantly. Bettors love the thrill of live wagering and books reap the benefits of the nonstop action.


Teasers let bettors adjust point spreads in their favor by sacrificing some potential payout. A six-point NFL teaser might move a -6.5 favorite down to just -0.5 points on a two-team parlay. It provides more wiggle room to cover in exchange for lower +EV. Teasers are more common in football than in other sports.


Who doesn’t love a good parlay? Putting multiple wagers into one bet produces big potential payouts. For greater rewards means each leg must hit. Parlay bets tend to favor the house but remain popular for big score chances. These provide prime parlays pairing point spreads, money lines, over/under, and props from different games. Small stakes keeping things fun can provide big parlay excitement. Here is the link right now Top1casino.net.

James Cammarata