What Singaporeans Can Bet On Through Singapore Pools

Sports betting is prevalent in Singapore, as people in the country love sports and gambling. Being able to watch sports and wager on matches provides multiple benefits for bettors, from entertainment to the opportunity of making a profit.

Participating in gambling activities through traditional casinos provide a different level of thrill and excitement to gamblers. On the other hand, using online casino Singapore and sports betting platforms offers gamblers comfort and convenience.

Singaporeans can bet on sports through two domestic operators: Singapore Pools and Singapore Turf Club. However, Singapore Pool sport betting only offers punters a limited number of sports to bet on. And among the betting odds they can legally bet on is the Singapore Pools football odds.

Football is among the most popular sports globally, with matches of multiple football leagues anticipated by fans and bettors. It is also the sport that is currently popular in the betting industry as soccer games are in abundance each year, allowing bettors to continue placing wagers on matches even on slow days.

Horse racing and motorsport are the other sports bettors can bet on Singapore Pools. These two sports are perfect for live betting as it is exciting to see a bettor’s horse or motor making a last-minute charge to take the lead in the race. Furthermore, these sports also offer various events that punters can bet on. In motorsport, bettors can bet on rally cars, dirt bikes, or Formula 1 races. Meanwhile, punters can bet on horse racing events in Australia, Europe, Hong Kong, Macau, and South Africa.

Read this infographic from CM2BET to know more about the sports that Singaporeans can legally bet on through Singapore Pools.

What Singaporeans can Bet on Through Singapore Pools – Infographic

Paul Petersen