How much can you earn via Online Cricket Betting?

How much can you earn via Online Cricket Betting?

Online sports betting is getting popular day by day. Cricket betting is not any different. With test match, one day, T20, IPL, Big Bash, Champion’s league there is a lot of scope for online cricket betting. If you have enough knowledge about cricket and online betting you have a high chance of winning. But if you make the mistake betting only for your favorite team then you are in for a lesson. Cricket betting is not based on emotion; it is a game of tactics. You have to be patient, clear minded and settle in for a long haul to earn money and make a living via Sports Betting in India.

You can judge easily how much you can earn via online betting by this scenario. Imagine you are betting at online cricket daily. If you bet at the very end of a game when you are 80% sure who the winner will be, you can win and earn 1k. If you continue it for a month, you will earn 30k. This 30k, you can make without taking any major risks. Now imagine how much you can earn if you take bigger risks.

But all these may sound nice and simple, the task is actually tough. You have to be knowledgeable to take a bigger risk. Otherwise, it will be a fool’s game.  Here are some baseline rules for you to follow-

  • Get to Know the Ins and Out of the Game-

Know the game, its players, format and so on. There are five main formats for cricket and matches are played almost every day in these formats. Know the players’ skills and preferred format. Not all the player can handle switching to different formats. Knowing these things can make you go ahead in the run.

  • Get Skilled in Reading Pitch-

Peach condition impacts largely on any format of cricket. Sometimes the pitch even decides the fate of a match. Some pitch condition favors the batsman, some favors the bowler. The run rate also varies on the same match as the pitch gets played on. You can learn about pitch conditions from cricket commentators and experts.

  • Follow the Weather Condition-

As cricket is an outdoor game, weather condition is very much important here. Sky condition, cloud percentage, wind speed everything matters in cricket. If weather ruins a match there is even a law named Duckworth Lewis method that decides on the total run.

Apart from these, there are an infinite amount of tips that you can find online on cricket betting. While researching on cricket, you definitely have a lot of ground to cover.

There is another trend of online cricket betting in the form of fantasy cricket. As the name suggests, it is much like fantasy football. You can also earn money by betting in fantasy cricket. But make sure to sign up on a legitimate website.

To sum it all up, online cricket betting is just like other sports betting. To earn big and make a living out of betting sites in India, you have to know the ins and outs of the sport. Study the games, players and rules. There are many books regarding online cricket betting, you can read them to equip yourself. Online cricket betting largely depends on skill. To develop the skill you have to go slow and steady.

Clare Louise