Should You Take Part in Stock Lottery?

Should You Take Part in Stock Lottery?

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear words like ‘stock’ and ‘lottery’? The word is Risk. Both the stock market and lottery are a matter of luck of an individual. More and more part of the population of the world is investing in the stock market today for quick returns. And even bigger than these statistics is the number of people investing in lottery tickets. Now, what if these both are combined?

Stock Lottery (หวยหุ้น, which is also the term in Thai) is much more like investing in the stock market. To use a simpler term, it is more like a type of Gambling where you either win or you lose. If we have a look at the statistics, out of over one billion population of the world, only 18 million people invest in stock markets or equity markets. 

Why should one Invest in Stock Lottery?

  • Starting up Cheap: 

The first and foremost reason to invest in a stock market is that it is not bound with rules and regulations and requires small investments in the beginning. So the stress and risk of losing huge amounts of money, in the beginning, are looked after.

  • Earn More: 

As mentioned earlier, the stock market is a great way of earning more wealth in a short period of time. The stock market is liable to increase and therefore, if you invest in the right manner, your income is liable to increase by 7-10% on an average on an annual basis for a long-term basis.

  • Gives Ownership: 

Investing in the stock market or buying stocks of a company buying certain shares of a company. Therefore, share market gives you the chance of having ownership in a company and be a part of the decision making.

  • High Exchangeability: 

Unlike other investing platforms such as real estate, the money in a stock market is easily accessible. Stocks can be sold anytime in exchange for money.

Summarizing everything, the stock market investment is emerging as a fresh trend now. Whether to invest or not is completely a personal choice. It is very true that the stock lottery is very risky, but on the other hand, it is a fact that it can also bring a lot of profits. So it is essential that when one chooses to invest in the stock market, one should be clear about where to invest and how much to invest and for how long to invest. 

James Cammarata