Why is Texas hold ’em poker more popular than other forms of poker?

Why is Texas hold ’em poker more popular than other forms of poker?

When it comes to poker, there is hardly any variant that enjoys as much popularity as Texas hold em. Almost every other American poker room has Texas hold ’em as the base of its promotion, and even the international poker rooms can’t seem to get enough of this one. Thus, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that Texas hold ’em is the most popular poker game, with no close second.

Even though Omaha is pretty popular and steadily gaining more takers, it doesn’t even seem likely that it’ll be overtaking Texas hold em anytime soon. On that note, let’s find out why Texas hold em is more popular than other forms of poker.

Texas hold em is the easiest poker variation to understand

A poker game like Texas hold ’em mainly gains its popularity from the fact that many of the new players make their foray into the world of poker through this game. As a matter of fact, it takes many players months to realize that Texas hold em is not the only type of poker existing in the world that they can play.

And, why wouldn’t the beginners love this poker variant? Its fundamentals are the easiest to understand. Now, the veterans might say that Texas hold em takes minutes to learn and a lifetime to master. But, when you are a new player learning the tricks of the trade, you don’t really care about being a master at it. They gradually hone their skills as they play more, but initially, they are more into the fact that they can easily start playing. It might take a while to learn about bet sizes, blinds, and various streets, but even then, it shouldn’t need more than minutes.

Texas hold em has the brand name that attracts players

Texas hold em might not be the only poker game, but it is the one that most players know about until they are a few months or a year into this. Though it’s not the same thing with every other player, it happens more commonly than what you might expect. Naturally, this proves that Texas hold em enjoys the kind of brand name that Omaha or other variants do not.

Some of the credit for this goes to Chris Moneymaker, who won the World Series of Poker Main Event in 2003 after beating as many as 839 players. He went on to get kind of a celebrity status in the world of poker. In the years that followed, more people took to the game after hearing about the winning story of Moneymaker.

And, this trend continues till today with Texas hold em enjoying more popularity than all other variation. The proof of this is in the fact that most of the globally famous poker tournaments keep Texas hold em as their main event. Omaha, Razz, and so on are still mostly kept in the side events.

Texas hold em is a popular choice for the television

Another interesting factor has contributed to the popularity of this poker game. Texas hold em is just the kind of poker that you can watch on television. However, things were different when poker tournaments came on TV minus the hole-cam. The hole-cam is supposed to show the audience the hole cards that every player holds. It’s more entertaining for the audience because they can evidently see what each player was thinking.

After ‘Late Night Poker’ introduced the hole-cam in 1999, the rest of the TV broadcasting world caught on without further delay. The perfect coming together of Texas hold em and the hole-cam has led to the creation and broadcast of many poker-based shows thereafter.

The hole-cam is not the sole reason why Texas hold em is so popular on TV. Since the players hold two hole cards, it’s easier for the audiences to follow and understand what’s happening onscreen.


So, if you have been planning to try your hand at poker, it’s better to go with Texas hold em. Not only will you love to play the game, you will learn the tricks pretty fast if you keep at the game for some time.

James Cammarata