Good poker players are always concerned about their position on the poker table. Specifically, it is their position relative to the dealer’s position. The Dealer not only identifies the players who will need to place the blind money but also the order of action in all betting rounds.

Poker is a game about capturing information. So, every information, big or small, is useful. That information helps you make optimal decisions during the game to win the other players in Poker Room at 188BET gambling.

In a table, every position revolves around the button. There are absolute positions like SB (Small Blind), BB (Big Blind), UTG (Under the Gun), MP (Mid Position), CO, BT. What really matters, however, is relative position. There are 3 types of relative positions: In Position (IP), Out of Position (OOP) and Sandwich.

If you play 1 vs 1 with another player, there are 2 types of positions:

+ You have position – in position (IP): It means that you are the following person.

+ You don’t have an out of position (OOP): It means you are the first to act.

A more complex case when the table has 3 people (three way) when you are the second in three. You are also in a very difficult situation when sandwiched between decisions before and after you.

The position on the poker table when there is not enough 9 people

Above we looked at the positions on a standard 9-person poker table. But what if our table doesn’t have 9 people?

For example:

  • If the poker table has only 8 people then there will be no more UTG + 1 positions
  • If there are only 7 people on the table, the MP + 2 position will be removed
  • With 6-table poker (6-max), there are no more numbered slots. Only: SB, BB, UTG, MP, CO, BTN

Importance: Having a position is always better than no position.

To succeed in poker, you have to play IP the most. When playing In Position you will always take advantage of the position to win the most and lose the least. The power of position is immense but 90% of players don’t understand this.

  • BUTTON position: when you are in BT, you always have the position after the preflop round, this is an easy-to-play position, so bet as much as possible.
  • Position SB, BB, UTG: When you are in the 3 positions above, playing flop you are always in the action first. You are always Out Of Position. When you have no position, you have no information about the opponent, but the opponent has information about you. You do not have the right to check so there are many disadvantages.
  • Another very good position in the table is Cut off (CO). This is the second-best position in the table.

When in position, play as much as you can.

  • UTG: play as tight as possible from 3 to 8%.
  • MP: slightly increased by 8 to 12%.
  • CO: Comfortable newer than 12 to 25%.
  • BT: from 20 to 45%.
  • SB: reduced to 10 to 20%.


Position is supremely important during a poker game because being able to act after other players gives you valuable information. In addition, you also need to know how to evaluate the strength of the hand, what are the good cards. The playing strategy varies according to the position on the poker table.

In short, we hope through this article you have a better understanding of the position in Poker. In order to play well with Poker, you should learn how to play Poker and practice a lot.

Joanne Morris