Top 5 Benefits of Choosing Online Slot Games Over Offline Slots

Top 5 Benefits of Choosing Online Slot Games Over Offline Slots

While slot games remain one of the most popular casino games, there is a clear distinction between online and offline versions, found in traditional brick and mortar casinos. For some people, online slots are an abomination and they would never waste their time playing them. For them, interaction with the machine is a key component of their enjoyment. That is why a majority of slot machines still have levers you can pull, even though old mechanical slots that require them are almost impossible to find these days. The new machines can be operated via a button, but that would negate their attraction. For the rest of us who don’t really care about yanking a metal lever up and down all night, online slots have several benefits.


One of the main reasons why people choose online vs offline slots is convenience. If you play in a classic brick and mortar casino, you have to get dressed appropriately. You have to get in your car and drive to the actual casino. Once there, you will have to wait for a slot machine to become available so you can play. Forget about going to the toilet, because chances are someone will take your spot. With online slots, you don’t have to suffer through any of this. You can play them in the comfort of your home, with all the conveniences at your disposal. You don’t even have to pause for bathroom breaks, just take your phone with you.

Variety of Slot Games

Almost all traditional slots look alike. The principle is the same and casinos rarely decide to change them. The reason is that it is too expensive to regularly swap machines. On the other hand, there is a huge selection of online slot games in almost all online casinos. They regularly add new titles, keeping their customers entertained. This variety ensures that everyone can find a game they like and enjoy playing. There is no reason to swap games since there aren’t any psychical limitations like in traditional casinos. Adding a new game is a simple matter of installing a piece of software on the server. There are no queues and you don’t have to wait in line to play your favorite game.   

Betting Limits

The bets in traditional slots are fixed and often more than you want to spend on a single spin. With online slots, you don’t have such limitations. The bets are flexible and you can bet any amount you are comfortable with. If you feel you are taking a big risk, just lower the amount you bet. That is not an option with slots in brick and mortar casinos. This way high rollers betting hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a single spin can play the same game as people who are only looking for some fun and bet nickel and dime.


This is a favorite talking point of online slots proponents. With progressive slots, a fraction of each bet is added to the winning pool. This often leads to multi-million jackpots, regardless of how low the bets are. With millions of people playing them, it is easy to drive a jackpot into six or seven figures, given enough time. That is only a part of the story, though. Jackpots are few and far between, but there are other winning combinations on slots. With offline slots, the average percentage of payouts is between 90% and 95%. Online slots have a payback of amazing 99%. The reason they are able to do so is a much lower cost of operation and overhead compared to traditional casinos. Instead of being greedy and pocketing the difference, online casinos have decided to split the difference with their players. This has massively driven up the popularity of their games.

Bonuses and Choices

Every online casino offers bonuses to its new members. In fact, it is one of the first things people look up when searching for a new casino. Bonuses vary from one casino to another, but they usually include free spins and some deposits. These bonuses can easily double your initial deposited funds. It is also very easy to change your casino if you find someplace better. You can do it in an instant, without the need to ever leave your couch. Just make a new account, deposit a few bucks and off you go.

It would seem that a case for online slots versus their offline brethren is a clear cut one. There are simply not enough reasons to play traditional slots when you can play online ones from the comfort of your home. You don’t even have to turn on your PC. Every game can be accessed from your phone or tablet. Just lay back on your couch, prepare some snacks and spin away.


James Cammarata