Where can I buy invisible ink to mark cards?

Where can I buy invisible ink to mark cards?

Ever since the marked cards becoming popular use in games for cheating or in magic shows, many people have interest in trying to mark playing cards themselves. There are many reasons among which it’s much cheaper than buying marked deck of cards. There are many problems existing for marking cards yourself at home. For example, how to mark cards? And the first of all, where can I buy the invisible ink to mark cards, the high quality ink to mark poker playing cards?

From Quora, someone said that ” Do you want to buy invisible ink for marking playing cards? Or do you want to buy invisible ink marked cards? Both of these two playing cards cheating devices are on hot sale from our Company. I dare to say that you will get the suitable one.” It is quite normal for these situation online so far in https://www.markedcardspoker.com/marked-cards-tricks.shtml. When input “invisible ink” on Google, you can have some videos about invisible ink or invisible ink pens about marking cards and many sites talking about or selling invisible ink. It is very easy to buy the so called invisible ink online.

Here in our company, we have also sites for showing and selling our invisible ink products. And a lot of customers make inquiries online through our sites. Someone ask what is the name of our invisible ink to mark cards after watching our video about marking cards with ink or pen. In fact, we don’t have any names for these invisible ink related products, And for the ink to mark cards, it’s not one single kind of ink, it’s several kinds of ink that are mixed by our technicians. For marking different kinds of playing cards, our technicians may blending different kinds of ink so as to make the best ink marks for that special cards.

Thus, when buying the invisible ink to mark cards, it’s important that you can tell us what kind of cards you are going to mark and take our professional advices in work.


Melissa Ramirez