Marked Playing Cards Fraud

Marked Playing Cards Fraud

Marked cards are widely used around the world. There are many brands of marked cards poker for sale on our website

You can choose the right type that marks playing cards for different marked card readers. There are cards marked with contact lenses, cards marked with barcodes, cards marked with infrared ink, and individually marked cards. All of these type-marked cards have invisible ink marks on the playing cards.

In this line for many years, our company has a good reputation for producing cards for customers. So if you want to buy high quality marked playing cards for poker cheat. In addition, If you are looking for a good edge marker card scanner for poker analysis system, the latest Zipper Poker marked card scanner is a good idea for you.

Why do we have to choose the Zipper Poker camera to scan cards marked with barcodes? It is completely hidden and cannot be discovered by other players. If you stand next to the poker tables, you can scan the marked playing cards in your hand. The biggest two attractive points are waiting for you.

Zipper marked card scanner can also work with any poker analyzer, regardless of whether it’s PK King, CVK, or AKK series poker card analyzer. You can hear the poker results reported by your poker analyzer once the analysis of the data transmitted by the Zipper poker camera is complete.

Contact Lenses For Invisibly Marked Cards

We sell invisible ink marked cards, such as invisible contact lenses, marked playing card contact lenses, and infrared contact lenses.

All of these playing card contact lenses have a good reputation among our regular customers. Our contact lenses can help you see marked cards that don’t change your eye color. The most important thing is that they don’t harm your eyes.

Marked cards contact lenses are the best and most convenient poker devices for you to play poker cheat games.

Joanne Morris